Longtime Military Sports Medicine and Pain Physician Introduces FDA-Cleared Technology to Help Heal Injured and Damaged Tissue Naturally


Longtime Military Sports Medicine and Pain Physician Introduces FDA-Cleared Technology to Help Heal Injured and Damaged Tissue Naturally


ANNAPOLIS, Md.Jan. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — One of the country’s most distinguished military physicians is now offering Annapolis-area patients an exciting, FDA-cleared medical technology in orthopaedic medicine. The physician is COL Sean Mulvaney, MD, and the intriguing technology, called Lipogems, uses human fat to provide cushion and support to promote healing and recovery of orthopaedic issues.

Dr. Mulvaney is an internationally respected sports medicine and pain physician with an impressive record of service within the nation’s Special Operations community. His impeccable credentials include nine years as a Navy SEAL, followed by nearly a quarter-century of service as an Army physician.

“Being on the forefront of research and technology is important to me,” Dr. Mulvaney said. “After serving in the military for the past thirty-one years, I am committed to delivering ethical and quality care to my patients. I still keep the principles that I learned from the military. I do my own research and fully evaluate technologies before I offer them to my patients. I only offer technologies that have strong scientific evidence.”

Lipogems fits perfectly with that philosophy. In Lipogems’ cutting-edge protocol, a patient’s own body fat (called adipose tissue) is removed in a simple, minimally invasive procedure called “harvesting.” It is most often extracted from either the upper buttocks, belly or the “love handles.” These locations are sources of excellent and ample source for fat.

Next, the fat is rinsed and cleaned —screened essentially—in a saline solution. This removes blood, oils and other contaminants. Then, the newly-processed fat is immediately reintroduced by injection to problem areas, providing both cushioning and support precisely where it is most needed to optimize healing.

One patient, Andrea Smith, met Dr. Mulvaney through her husband who is also a former Navy SEAL. The athletic Andrea, an ex-gymnast, is currently and five-time world champion Masters Olympic weight lifter. She had a serious knee issue and a previous orthopedic surgeon gave her a cortisone shot. It helped, but only temporarily.

“When I reinjured my knee, my back got worse,” Andrea said. “When Dr. Mulvaney got out of the military, I saw him and he recommended Lipogems. The procedure was easy and Lipogems for me was literally lifechanging.

For information on Lipogems and Dr. Mulvaney visit rosm.org 



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