Patient Real Life Stories

Lipogems Patients Experience The Difference

Brian Farber’s Story

PBS “Innovations In Medicine” Interview with Brian Farber.

—Professional Soccer Athlete

Tara’s Story

A physical therapist, who after discussing with her orthopedic surgeon had the Lipogems procedure on her knees.

Gina’s Story

A wonderful mother, who after discussing with her orthopedic physician had the Lipogems procedure for her knee.

Richard’s Story

“I’m retired and my knees have been bothering me for 7 months. My wife and several others saw Dr. Hammond and everyone spoke highly of him and said that he is an all around great guy. When you get recommendations from people like that, that’s what you follow. Last November, I saw Dr. Hammond and he told me about Lipogems and using my own fat to provide cushioning and support for my knee. I told him to take all of the fat you want! Using your body to heal your body made sense and I’m glad that I didn’t have a foreign object put into my body. There was minimal discomfort or pain during the harvesting procedure because they numbed the area with lidocaine. I can live my daily life and spend time with my wife. My wife is now looking to get Lipogems injected into her hip. LipoLove by Lipogems is the greatest thing since peanut butter!” said Richard.

Richard with Dr. Hammond

Jake C’s Story

St. Louis | Avid Golfer & Real Estate Developer

Patient-Testimonial-Jake-Dr-Spitzfaden“Dr. Spitzfaden wasn’t my original doctor and I was told I needed a total knee replacement but I wasn’t ready for invasive surgery. I’m a young guy and definitely searching for another option. I met with Dr. Spitzfaden and we discussed my options. The other practices I spoke with discussed options that would be much more expensive — up to $9,000.

When Dr. Spitzfaden told me about using my own fat to help provide cushioning and support in my knee, it actually made sense to me. I was told the procedure was minimally invasive and that everything would be completed in one visit. The cost was much less than the other practices I spoke with.

During the procedure the belly discomfort was minimal (1 out of 10). My recovery was simple and at 8 months out my results are still pretty impressive. I’m thrilled to be at my normal activity level.

Overall, I am very impressed and pleased with the Lipogems procedure. Hopefully my results last for a while, but if I need it again in the future, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.”

Richard’s Story

“Dr. Goradia was a referral from another surgeon. I was experiencing issues in my left shoulder and right knee. I was not working out at the gym anymore. Golf is not as fun. Dr. Goradia told me about Lipogems. I feel that it is better and more safe to use my own fat.  I felt comfortable knowing that my body will respond to it. During the Lipogems procedure, I had no discomfort and was very pleased with the overall experience.  The procedure was surprisingly easy.

If I were to tell a friend, I would say that the Lipogems procedure is simple and easy process with little to no discomfort and to try it.”

Kristin, Avid Runner, Wife, and Mother

Kristin’s Story

“Running has always been a passion of mine. However, the years of running were starting to take a toll on my knees. Several years ago, Dr. Michaelson performed an arthroscopic procedure to clean up the inside of my knee. However, my knees were starting to bother me again, and I couldn’t enjoy any activities that I love. My husband and I have three kids in college that we support and I couldn’t take the time away from work for an invasive surgical procedure. I heard about the Lipogems procedure from my coworker and I thought it was cool! I asked Dr. Michaelson if I was a candidate and thankfully he told me that I was! I liked that Lipogems is a minimally invasive procedure that uses my own fat, and the procedure is done in the office. I ended up getting both of my knees done. On the first day, I had some pain and I took a Motrin and I iced my knee the next day. The next day I went back to work and had no problems with pain from the procedure. I talked to my coworker who also got the Lipogems procedure and she helped me set my expectations. I’m five months from my procedure and I’m so happy to live an active lifestyle and I can work freely to support my kids and their college education. Dr. Michaelson and Physician Assistant, Ashley Tamme, were very knowledgeable about the procedure and were extremely professional. They explained everything that they were doing and were genuinely concerned about me and made sure that I was comfortable. I asked a lot of questions, and they answered my questions thoroughly. I was pleased with the fact that they were so comfortable with the procedure.”


Patient Linda | Chris Rogers, MD

Linda’s Story

“I cannot get over how easy the whole procedure was. Other than a few twinges when you were doing the Lipo. I had no pain or discomfort. I so anticipated terrible pain when you were going to give me the local injections and then I felt nothing.  I cannot get over that.  I don’t do well with pain so I am amazed how easy this was.”