Get Ready!  Prepare For Your Appointment in 4 Easy Steps

Be Prepared for Your Doctor’s Appointment by using the MiProfile Tool to help communicate with your physician to create a plan that is right for you.

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Determine How Your Orthopaedic Issue is Impacting Your Life

Orthopaedic issues may impact your daily life- whether it’s not being able to move around or play your sport or spend time doing your favorite activity or with your favorite people.

Write down how your orthpaedic issue is impacting your life to help your doctor create an customize a plan for you

Other Therapies

Have you tried other therapies to help manage your pain or orthopaedic issue?

Write down the other therapies that you have either tried or another healthcare professional has prescribed for you and how it has or has not helped your pain or issue

Do you have any recent x-rays, MRI’s, or imaging?  Bring your recent films to your appointment.

Create Your Personal Goals

Orthopaedic physicians have many tools in their tool box to help create a customized plan for you

Write down key information about your lifestyle (home, work, activities and interests, support system at home)

Write down your personal goals – short term and long term goals to help your doctor create a plan that is right for you

Ask Questions

Prepare your questions ahead of time

Ask your physician about the different options that are available- how it will work, how long it will work, the procedure experience, risks of the procedure, how much time it will take to recover