Riley Williams, MD | Orthopaedic Surgeon
Hospital for Special Surgery | New York, NY

Medical Director for NBA Brooklyn Nets, Medical Director for New York Red Bulls

“Patients are living longer and are also more active. They desire to exercise, maintain their activity levels, and improve quality of lifestyle in their later years. Medicine is forced to keep up with the patient demands and the load/forces placed on muscles, joints and tendons.”

“As a result,” the doctor continued, “we are understanding more about reparative medicine options. I believe fat has the highest concentration of reparative cells, compared to other, similar tissue. I believe cells from one’s own body are the best cells a patient can use.”

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William Kesto, MD | Orthopedic Surgeon - Sports Medicine
The CORE Institute | Novi, MI

“Orthopedic conditions impact everyone of all ages. Your own powerful fat can help you heal the natural way.  Fat has the best reparative cells, is easier to harvest, and more comfortable for the patients. Studies have shown that fat has 100 to 500 times more reparative cells compared to similar tissue. I like to offer this option to my patients because fat is easy to get from the patient and uses a simple and minimally invasive procedure that can be done in the office. Our motto is “Keep Life in Motion” and with Lipogems we can do just that for our patients”

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John Kennedy, MD, FRCS | Orthopaedic Surgeon
New York University | New York, NY

“We always evaluate the science behind the technologies that we use at the New York University,” Dr. Kennedy asserted. “Evidence-based medicine is extremely important, and we did our own due diligence behind this technology. When it comes to LIPOGEMS, the evidence is strong and growing—and that’s why we offer it to our patients.”

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Raj Sinha, MD, PhD | Orthopaedic Surgeon
STAR Ortho | Palm Springs, CA

“The Coachella Valley has many patients from 40-70 plus patients that are often afraid of the risks major invasive surgery involves for their orthopaedic issues. We provide an effective, simple, minimally invasive treatment option called Lipogems that can be done in the office. LIPOGEMS is FDA cleared and it’s cost effective for patients. Fat has a high concentration of reparative cells. We are able to get a large volume of fat and wash away the impurities, and place the clean fat in areas like shoulders and knees to help support the healing process.”

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Dr. Andrew Spitzfaden

Andrew Spitzfaden, MD | Orthopaedic Surgeon
Wood Mills Orthopedics | Chesterfield, MO

“Orthopedic medicine has advanced a ton over the last fifteen years, with regards to reparative medicine. Most don’t realize the power of fat. It’s a strange concept, but studies have shown that fat is loaded with reparative cells that can support healing for orthopaedic issues. I chose to include the LIPOGEMS procedure into my practice because as an orthopaedic surgeon, I want to offer all treatment options to them. I will do my best to help the patient decide what fits best with their lifestyle and current medical situation.”

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John O'Hearn, MD | Orthopaedic Surgeon
Susquehanna Orthopaedics | Forest Hills, MD

“Lipogems has been a game changer for my patients.

Everyday we treat patients, both young and old, who suffer from musculoskeletal pain from injury or disease that compromises their quality of life. Several years ago, while seeking to improve upon the traditional treatment options that I had been able to offer my patients, I became aware of Lipgems an innovative technique that uses a patient’s own adipose tissue to support healing of damaged or diseased tissue. After performing my due diligence including extensive discussions with the originator of this technique I knew that this was something that would benefit my patients of all ages. Lipogems has helped my patients to heal and optimize recovery. It can be used as an option for patients who are indicated for traditional invasive treatments or as an adjunct to minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures to maximize healing and optimize recovery.”

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Wasik Ashraf, DO | Orthopaedic Surgeon - Sports Medicine
Crystal Run Healthcare | New Windsor, NY

“Lipogems is putting my patients and community first. Orthopaedic issues impact so many people- from firefighters, police officers, athletes, and elderly folks. My goal is to offer the right solutions for them and keep their lifestyles and ambitions in mind. Lipogems offers my patients a simple and efficient procedure that uses their own fat to help them heal the natural way. Fat is one of the best quality tissues out there and has a high concentration of reparative cells. Many people cannot take time off for surgery and Lipogems has provided them a beneficial option. Lipogems may be right for you too.”

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Jacob Spencer, DO | Orthopaedic Surgeon & Sports Medicine
STAR Ortho | Palm Springs, CA

“For patients suffering from orthopaedic issues, I see everybody from high school athletes to professional level athletes, to the aging athlete including SWAT team members, firefighters, police officers. I like to offer my patients conservative, minimally invasive techniques. We work with our patients to determine the best options for them and have many tools in our toolbox for our patients. Lipogems uses the patient’s own fat and the procedure can be performed in the office in under an hour using a minimally invasive technique. It’s important to know the Lipogems is FDA cleared and is fat has a high concentration of reparative cells that may support the healing process.”

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Christopher Rogers, MD, RMSK | Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
San Diego Orthobiologics Medical Group | Carlsbad, CA

“People of all ages are suffering from orthopaedic conditions and they are looking for other options to major, invasive surgery. Fat has a long history in medicine and it has a high concentration of reparative cells that do not decline with age. The procedure is very comfortable compared to other procedures. As a researcher, I have collected my own outcomes to ensure my patients are receiving quality care. Lipogems is one of the best tools that I have in my toolbox for my patients of all ages.”

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Robert Dimeff, MD | Sports Medicine Physician
Texas Orthopaedic Associates | Dallas, TX

“Lipogems is seeing my wonderful patients leading a happy life again.

Many are looking for another option to major surgery, and the Lipogems procedure can be very helpful at supporting the healing process. I use Lipogems in the office as a minimally invasive procedure. Most people have enough fat and it is easy to collect the tissue. This is a very comfortable procedure compared to other procedures. The quantity and quality of the fat cells do not decline significantly with aging.  And the fact that we use the person’s own tissue minimizes the risk of a reaction to the injection.”

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Niteesh Bharara, MD, D.A.B.P.M.R. | Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Virginia Spine Institute

“Lipogems is an effective way to treat patients naturally and has become a game changer for weekend warriors and professional athletes. This treatment offers a simple, minimally invasive alternative to major, invasive surgery with minimal down time. Lipogems provides cushioning and support to damaged or injured tissues by using the reparative cells found in the patient’s own fat. My patients have been very happy with this FDA cleared procedure and recommend it to others.”

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Steven Meyers, MD | Sports Medicine Physician
Bone & Joint Clinic Texas Healthcare of Fort Worth | Fort Worth, TX

“Our goal is to give personalized and individual attention for everyone that walks in the door and treat them like family. People from all walks of life and all over the country are calling about the Lipogems procedure. I use Lipogems in the office as a minimally invasive option.  I really like the way that Lipogems cleans the tissue and none of the other systems out there adequately clean the tissue to get rid of the blood and oil like the Lipogems system. I like that it keeps all the important reparative cells together in fat just like it does naturally in the body. This may be a great option for people who suffer from multiple conditions.  If the patient has enough fat, we can process enough tissue to inject it in several areas all during the same procedure.”

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Kory Gill, DO | Sports Medicine Physician
Central Texas Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics | Bryan, TX

“Lipogems is definitely worth it!

Athletes that need to return to play sooner than routine healing will allow. People with more chronic conditions or injuries to their muscles or tendons may need additional therapies besides rehab.  Having Lipogems as a minimally, invasive option is great because fat is easy to get from the patient and it has a high concentration of reparative cells.”

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Jay Bowen, DO | Sports Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
New Jersey Sports Medicine | Morristown, NJ

“We pride ourselves on our dedication to research and high quality care for our patients. Patients like Lipogems because fat is easy to take out and people typically have plenty of it. Fat also has a high concentration of reparative cells that do not decline with age. I like using the Lipogems system because it is FDA cleared and uses the patient’s own fat. Your own tissue is the best tissue. If you have multiple issues, Lipogems system can be offered for multiple sites in one sitting and is very convenient for patients. We educate folks on the musculoskeletal system, diagnostics and treatment options that are available. Fat has a high concentration of reparative cells that do not decline with age. Lipogems system is FDA cleared and uses the patient’s own fat. Your own tissue is the best tissue. if you have multiple issues, Lipogems system can be offered for multiple sites in one sitting and is very convenient for patients”

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