Are you looking to avoid or delay the need for orthopaedics surgery? Ask your Orthopaedic Physician about LIPOGEMS.

LIPOGEMS is a natural option to major, invasive surgery.

LIPOGEMS uses your own Powerful Fat to help you heal the natural way. Your fat provides cushion and support to damaged or injured tissue and supports the healing process to optimize your recovery. 

Discover the Power of FAT For Your Orthopaedic Issue

There is an increase in patients suffering from joint pain and this number is expected to increase substantially in the next two decades.
Introducing LIPOGEMS® an award-winning new technology offering minimally invasive options for patients in the office or with surgery (if needed). LIPOGEMS is an innovative and next generation adipose tissue technology that is used to harvest, concentrate, and transfer a patient’s own fat for the repair, reconstruction, and replacement of injured or damaged tissue.
Adipose tissue, commonly known as fat, has many natural reparative characteristics that help to promote a healing environment throughout the body. There is documentation describing the use of fat to accelerate the healing of soldiers’ battle wounds as far back as World War I.

Known Facts About FAT

  • FAT  is minimally invasive to harvest
  • Most people have a lot of extra FAT
  • FAT is the highest quality tissue
  • FAT has 100-500 times more reparative cells than other similar tissue.7
  • Research has shown that as a person ages, their FAT maintains its reparative properties unlike other similar tissue, such as bone marrow, which may lose healing capacity with age. 8,9,10

You have options but, FAT may be the Best Option!

Talk to your doctor to find out if LIPOGEMS could be for YOU!

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