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The recovery process varies for each patient. Your doctor will determine the best treatment and recovery plan.

  1. Ask your doctor what you should look out for after your procedure.
  2. Contact your doctor if you are experiencing any unusual symptoms or pain.
  3. Ask your doctor about any specific questions that you may have about your recovery protocol.
  4. It is important to closely follow instructions regarding post-procedure activity, treatment, and follow up care.

Here is what you may expect following the procedure:

  • A compression garment maybe given to you to wear for a few days after the procedure.
  • You may experience mild to moderate swelling or local inflammation at the injection site and/or harvest side for a few days.
  • You may have some bruising at or around the site of the fat harvest.
  • You may be given some pain medication and should follow the doctor’s recommendations.
  • Ice may be used to reduce local inflammation or swelling. Your doctor will recommend how long the ice should be used.
  • It is not recommended for you to take steroids following the LIPOGMES procedure.
  • Your doctor will help you determine which activities you can perform and put you on an appropriate treatment plan.
  • It is not recommended that you participate in strenuous activity for at least 1-2 weeks following the procedure, depending on your procedure and treatment sites.

How long will the effects last for?

It is important to closely follow instructions regarding post-procedure activity, treatment, and follow up care. As with all procedures, the individual results may vary. The lifetime of any procedure is dependent on several factors such as severity of the condition and activity level. Your physician will counsel you about strategies for your post procedural care.

How long will the concentrated fat tissue stay in the treatment area?

The concentrated fat tissue is injected into the areas of the body in order to help support tissue healing and repair.  As part of the overall process, the microfragmented fat from the LIPOGEMS system provides cushioning and support to help the healing process. The microfragmented fat tissue is a sticky substance and the amount of time it will stay in a given area may vary from person to person.  The amount of time it stays in the area does not necessarily correlate with the time that it may provide benefit.

How often can I get this or do I need this done?

For the vast majority of patients, LIPOGEMS is a one-time procedure. However the effects may vary based on person to person.


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