Medical Science Finds Exciting New Role Using Body Fat For Orthopedic Patients


Medical Science Finds Exciting New Role Using Body Fat For Orthopedic Patients


ST. LOUISJan. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — LIPOGEMS is an increasingly popular option among patients suffering from an orthopedic issue—knee, shoulder, other joints—who, for one reason or another, aren’t candidates for a major invasive operation, and would like another option to major invasive surgery, or might opt to use the LIPOGEMS procedure as a complement to surgery.

In the procedure, after a local anesthetic is applied, adipose (the clinical word for fat tissue) is harvested from around the belly or from the “love handles.” The fat is placed in the LIPOGEMS device, which effectively screens the fat to remove impurities, including contaminants such as oils and blood. Left behind is clean, lean and mean fat tissue still retaining its natural, beneficial properties. The newly cleaned fat then is injected into the troubled area.

Dr. Andrew SpitzfadenWoods Mill Orthopedics is the first practice in the Missouri area offering the LIPOGEMS system, regarded as an important new tool for patients requiring joint cushioning and support to injured or damaged areas during (and as part of) healing.  A St. Louis native, Dr. Spitzfaden was the first physician in the state of Missouri to use the LIPOGEMSsystem.

“Most don’t realize the power of fat. It’s a strange concept, but fat is loaded with reparative cells that can assist with muscle and joint conditions.

“I chose to include the LIPOGEMS procedure into my practice because as an orthopedic surgeon, I want to offer all treatment options. Whether a simple, non-surgical option or a total joint replacement, I will do my best to help the patient decide what fits best with their lifestyle and current medical situation.”

One early LIPOGEMS patient of Dr. Spitzfaden, Jake, was told by a previous orthopedist that he needed a total knee replacement. “When Dr. Spitzfaden told me about using my own fat to help with my knee issues, it actually made sense to me.” Says Jake, “My recovery was simple, and at eight months out and I’m happy.”

Many clinics, run by non-surgeon providers, are offering stem cell treatments at high prices. Also, many clinics may offer adipose-derived stem cells that are not compliant with the FDA standards.

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