Lipogems® Announces 140 independent Peer Reviewed Publications with 5 years of follow up in orthopaedics

Lipogems® Announces 140 independent Peer Reviewed Publications with 5 years of follow up in orthopaedics

ATLANTASept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Lipogems announced today that there are now 140 peer reviewed publications supporting Lipogems’ MicroFat with 5 years of follow up in orthopaedics.

“Lipogems has sought out to help patients that have tried conservative options and other therapies with limited relief. As a science driven company, we are proud to see that 98% of the 140 peer-reviewed publications that studied the Lipogems device and tissue are independent studies from well-respected academic, military, and private practice institutions,” said Giorgio Ninzoli, President of Lipogems International. “The gold standard for evidence is 1 year follow up and we are excited to report 5 years follow up with positive results after a single injection of MicroFat.”

Lipogems has been used in more than 60,000 procedures worldwide and is currently FDA cleared for use in the US for general applications in orthopaedics, arthroscopy, and nine other specialties since 2014. Lipogems partners with leading institutions to keep their patients in their care continuum, offering physicians a compliant option for both surgical and non-operative applications.

“Many physicians have patients that have exhausted other therapies and they don’t have many options to help them. We are grateful for these researchers seeing benefit in the previous evidence that has shown the power of the Lipogems MicroFat and that they have taken on the task to independently advance evidence-based medicine which benefits patients in orthopaedics, colorectal surgery, and general surgery,” Said Carl Llewellyn, President, Lipogems USA.

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Lipogems is a privately held medical device company that uses adipose tissue solutions to help maintain or restore patient lifestyles and to improve quality of life and recovery times. Lipogems’ products are used in a diverse range of areas, including plastic and reconstructive surgery, orthopaedics, general surgery, exploring products for wound care and more. Lipogems is available in 29 countries and the aim is getting patients back to their lives through our global reach and scientific excellence.

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