Ingenious Orthopedics Technology Gives Heroic Role to Ordinary Body Fat


Ingenious Orthopedics Technology Gives Heroic Role to Ordinary Body Fat

Now Available in Fort Worth


FORT WORTH, Texas, Jan. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The FDA-cleared Lipogems procedure restores crucial cushioning for damaged tissue. It can be administered in the doctor’s office as a stand-alone option to major, invasive surgery. For patients suffering from multiple orthopedic issues, their own fat tissue processed by the Lipogems device may be injected in those areas during the same procedure.

At present, Lipogems is offered only by an elite few medical providers in the United States. In Fort Worth, Dr. Meyers and the Texas Bone & Joint Clinic—the area’s largest orthopedic practice—are leading Lipogems’ local introduction.

Dr. Meyers explained that “the science behind fat is very appealing because fat has a high concentration of reparative cells. Fat is easy to get from the patient. I really like the way that Lipogems cleans the adipose tissue. None of the other systems on the market adequately clean the tissue, to get rid of (natural contaminants including) blood and oil like the Lipogems system. I like that it keeps all the important reparative cells together in fat, just like it does naturally in the body.”

In a typical hour-long Lipogems procedure, Dr. Meyers first applies a local anesthetic before removing a few tablespoons of fat tissue from the belly. (This process is called “harvesting”) Once cleansed with saline, “I use ultrasound guidance to accurately place the concentrated fat into the injured area. Patients describe minimal discomfort during the procedure. Regardless of their age, most patients want to improve their quality of life and avoid major surgery.”

One of Dr. Meyers’ patients is Gina, now in her late fifties. On the big day, “I came into the exam room and Dr. Meyers proceeded remove fat from my stomach. It took about thirty minutes to process everything. He had injected my processed fat into the injured knee. Then, he proceeded to inject it into my injured elbow as well,” Gina said. And today? “It’s just amazing. It’s just been wonderful. I have recommended Dr. Meyers to so many of my friends and family, to the point I have physically driven them to the seminars so that they can get the information.”

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