Ingenious Approach in Orthopedics Offers Heroic New Role for Ordinary Body Fat


Ingenious Approach in Orthopedics Offers Heroic New Role for Ordinary Body Fat

Now Available in the Washington, DC area

RESTON, Va.Jan. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — An exciting, FDA-cleared medical technology representing a new procedure for orthopedic patients has come to Reston, Virginia and the greater Washington, DC area. In this ingenious, minimally-invasive system called Lipogems, a patient’s own body fat is easily removed from the belly or “love handles.” The fat (clinically-known as adipose) then is specially processed before being injected to injured or damaged joints. This “repurposed” body fat helps support healing for orthopedic issues.

The Lipogems technology, which restores crucial cushioning for damaged tissues, can be administered both as a stand-alone option to major, invasive surgery and in combination with it.

At present, Lipogems is only available from a select few, highly-rated medical providers in the United States. In Reston, the provider is the highly-respected Virginia Spine Institute. Leading VSI’s local introduction is Dr. Niteesh Bharara, an accomplished specialist in sports medicine and pain management.

Lipogems offers a different approach for musculoskeletal problems. In years past, we have treated these issues with rest and physical therapy and then, if needed, offered a surgical option. Lipogems fits right in the middle.” Dr. Bharara said. “The ideal patients are those who are not getting better with physical therapy, steroids, et cetera, but are not ready for major, invasive surgery. Lipogems is a great option for knee, shoulder, and hip issues.”

Dr. Bharara calls fat a significant reparative medical option because it does not change with the years. “As you age, the (high) quality of the fat tissue stays the same…One of the issues we have with other tissues (including bone marrow) is that the quality of the tissue declines with age.”

Among Dr. Bharara’s very pleased Lipogems patients is Debi Stepien. “My daughter is a physical therapist and she insisted on me seeing Dr. Bharara. (Dr. Bharara) suggested Lipogems, and I was his first (Lipogems) patient,” Debi went on to say, “I didn’t have a lot of faith in it, but I feel great.” Today, Debi is a devoted Lipogemsadvocate who says, “I believe that your own fat is the best to help you heal, and [utilizing fat] has been healthier because it already is from your own body.”

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