The versatile, FDA-cleared LIPOGEMS system is available at Covington Orthopedics


Award-Winning, FDA-Cleared Technology Uses Body’s Own Fat to Help Heal Orthopedic Injuries

The versatile, FDA-cleared LIPOGEMS system is available at Covington Orthopedics


COVINGTON, La.Feb. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — A nationally recognized Louisiana orthopedic surgeon is now offering an exciting, FDA-cleared medical technology that delivers an ingenious new use for ordinary body fat (called adipose). The system, called Lipogems, actually unlocks fat’s natural ability to support healing of injured or damaged tissues.

Dr. Kevin Darr of Covington Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Institute says Lipogems fills an ongoing need for fresh medical options. “I felt that there were not enough conservative treatments available to patients. People want a natural option, instead of a drug or pharmacologic product. These are people who have failed ice/heat bracing and physical therapy, and may not be ready for surgery.”

Lipogems is an FDA-cleared device. Using pure simple saline, it rinses and cleans—screens out, in effect—contaminants such as oils and blood from the patient’s collected (or “harvested”) fat. While doing so, it retains the adipose’s natural and beneficial properties, which is the highest quality tissue from the body.

Then, using ultrasound for guidance, the fat is injected with great precision to a patient’s injured or damaged joints. The goal is simple: to provide natural cushioning, and to support injured or damaged areas and tissue.

Judy, a retired nurse, sought out Dr. Darr for help with a long-injured shoulder. “My mother had had a shoulder replacement, and she had a lot of trouble. I am looking for another option to major surgery. I got Lipogems done in April 2017. I have a pudgy tummy and he used the fat from my belly and injected it into my shoulder.”

Judy is an avid sewer and cuts stain glass as her hobby and was having trouble in her thumbs. Later, Dr. Darr used Lipogems in Judy’s thumbs, “Dr. Darr is just fantastic…I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Lipogems’ FDA clearance is significant because these days, orthopedic patients eyeing medical options must adopt a buyer beware attitude. “Based on my research, I know which patients to offer the Lipogems option to, and the ones who have the highest chance of success,” Dr. Darr said.

A national leader in orthopedic medicine, Dr. Darr lectures widely and is deeply involved in researching orthopedic procedures and treatments.

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