College Station: Local Orthopaedic Practice Introduces Award-Winning Technology Using the Patient’s Own Fat to Help Heal Injuries


College Station, TX: Local Orthopaedic Practice Introduces Award-Winning Technology Using the Patient’s Own Fat to Help Heal Injuries


COLLEGE STATION, TexasFeb. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — A leading regional medical practice, Central Texas Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics of College Station, is introducing LIPOGEMS, the cutting-edge FDA cleared medical technology that utilizes a patient’s own natural adipose—body fat—to support the repair and healing of injured and damaged tissue.

The LIPOGEMS system works like this: First, body fat is removed from places where most people can easily spare—usually the belly or adjoining “love handles.” It then is rinsed with saline to remove impurities such as oils, contaminants, and blood and resized to a smaller size called microfragmentation. Once the fat is freshly-cleansed, the microfragmented fat is immediately injected into problem areas for orthopaedic issues to support the healing process.

Dr. Kory Gill, an orthopaedic physician at CTSM, explains that “since fat is a structural tissue, it provides cushion and support, allowing it to support the healing of the damaged or injured tissue. Having Lipogems as a minimally, invasive option is great because it is easy to get from the patient and it has a high concentration of reparative cells. We work with a full spectrum of patients from folks that enjoy spending their time at home to weekend warriors to elite Gold medal athletes- we provide everyone with the same great care,” said Dr. Gill.

One patient, Cody Jones, grew up playing competitive soccer and enjoying hobbies such as wakeboarding, snowboarding and golfing. But he paid a steep price for his love of sports. “When I was 26, I had a knee scoped by another doctor. The surgery took twice as long as it should have. I have had physical therapy, and my physical therapist and several doctors told me I had the knee of a 75-year-old.” Jones reluctantly spent more than a decade away from athletics. Dr. Gill discussed the options with me and we decided to move forward with LIPOGEMS in my knees. It’s been such a positive experience for me,” said Jones, now 38. “They like the fact that there is minimal down time, compared to major invasive surgery,” said Gill.

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