Los Angeles Orthopaedic Doctors Using Fat to Help Support the Repair of Damaged Tissue


Los Angeles Orthopaedic Doctors Using Fat to Help Support the Repair of Damaged Tissue

LOS ANGELESJan. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The OrthoHealing Center, a recognized leader in Southern California orthopedic circles, is one of the first centers in the area to introduce a natural, state-of- the-art option for patients facing the daunting potential of major, invasive surgery. The new medical technology, called Lipogems, gently cleans and processes the body’s own fat tissue to cushion and support injured areas while the body heals. 

Dr. Steven Sampsonfounder of the OrthoHealing Center, is an internationally-recognized expert in orthopedics. “When evaluating new technology and science, we are really selective in what treatments we’re comfortable offering to our patients.”  Lipogems plays an increasingly important role for patients who now fall between the orthopedic cracks: “There is currently a great void in the options available to the everyday patient,” Dr. Sampson said. “In many cases, doctors may recommend physical therapy or a cortisone injection, which may not be strong enough.

“And then on the other end of the spectrum,” he continued, “you have major, invasive surgery, which many people are apprehensive about. So there’s this big gray zone, or gap in the middle, where patients are told, ‘Your problem’s not bad enough for surgery’, yet the therapy and conservative treatments may not be strong enough. They’re kind of stuck with their problem.”

Not anymore, according to Dr. Sampson’s OrthoHealing colleague, Dr. Danielle Aufiero, a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician: “I think that it’s definitely feasible to recommend these (caught in the middle) patients to consider Lipogems.”

“Fat is a natural, rich source of reparative cells,” Dr Sampson said. “The nice thing with fat is it doesn’t deteriorate with age. So as we mature with time, we find that the fat continues to be a rich reservoir of these reparative cells, versus other types of cells and tissues in the body.”

Another OrthoHealing colleague, Dr. Mary A. Ambach, offers Lipogems to her patients because according to Dr. Ambach “it enhances the body’s own potential for repair.  It is a more natural way to support the healing of their injuries. We perform the procedure without sedation and can target multiple regions in a single Lipogems procedure.

For information on Lipogems, visit understandlipogems.com or orthohealing.com


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