Local Orthopedic Practice Introduces Exciting Technology That Uses a Patient’s Own Fat


Local Orthopedic Practice Introduces Exciting Technology That Uses a Patient’s Own Fat


HOUSTONJan. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — A leading Texas orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Alain Elbaz of Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, is helping to introduce Houston to a state-of-the art, FDA-cleared technology that utilizes a patient’s own natural adipose—body fat—to promote healing to injured and damaged areas. The system, called Lipogems, is being gradually authorized for use by a select few U.S. physicians, Dr. Elbaz among them, as a cutting-edge, yet conservative orthopedic option.

“I offer this to my patients that have had orthopaedic issues and are not ready for a major, invasive surgery,” Dr. Elbaz said. “These patients have tried anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, and other injections, which have not worked for them.”

Dr. Elbaz described body fat as an incredibly effective patient option. “Fat has one-hundred to five-hundred times more reparative cells, compared to other, similar tissue. Fat provides cushion and support to the damaged or injured area(s).”

The Lipogems system works like this: Body fat is first “harvested,” or removed, using a minimally invasive procedure from places where most people can easily spare it—usually the lower belly or adjoining “love handles.” Then, it is quickly processed using Lipogems’ proprietary technology, which removes contaminants such as oils and blood. The newly-cleansed fat clusters with reparative cells are immediately injected into problem areas.

Among Dr. Elbaz’s patients is Lou, who endured decades of orthopaedic issues and major surgeries to her knees and shoulders. She finally saw Dr. Elbaz for an opinion on her left shoulder. He recommended Lipogems.

“The procedure took only ninety minutes. Only local anesthesia (in spray form) was given. I was wide awake,” Lou said. “The recovery period for the joint was fast, but of course, the fat harvesting area in the abdomen was sore for about three weeks.”

When Lou returned later for Lipogems help with her left hip and right knee, Dr. Elbaz had good news: multiple joints can be addressed in a single Lipogems procedure. Lou is very pleased with her Lipogems-related results. “As a professor, I try to attend every symposium or seminar that Dr. Elbaz conducts and sometimes even get invitations to give my own lecture to help educate other patients.”

For information on LIPOGEMS visit understandlipogems.com or advancedosm.com



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