Leading Richmond Orthopedic Clinic Now Using Fat Cells to Support Healing of Damaged Tissue


Leading Richmond Orthopedic Clinic Now Using Fat Cells to Support Healing of Damaged Tissue

RICHMOND, Va.Jan. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — G2 Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, already a leading orthopedic practice in Richmond, has added an exciting, innovative, FDA-cleared option for patients facing possible joint surgery. The minimally invasive system, LIPOGEMS, is a state-of-the-art reparative medical technology transforming ordinary body fat (adipose tissue) into cushioning and support for damaged tissues. This natural approach helps support healing in injured or damaged areas. The LIPOGEMS system is ideal for patients who may not be candidates for surgery or who prefer another option to major invasive surgery. LIPOGEMS can also be used in conjunction with surgery to help support the healing process.

By adding the proven, minimally invasive LIPOGEMS technology to its repertoire, G2 Orthopedics and Sports Medicineis continuing to follow its founding philosophy. Dr. Vic Goradia is a nationally known orthopedic expert in arthroscopic surgery, sports medicine, joint replacement and reparative medicine.

“The reparative properties of fat cells stay relatively constant as patients age, compared to other similar tissues,” Dr. Goradia explained. “The quality of other tissues (such as bone marrow) declines with age. But fat is easy to take out of the body and we can get enough fat for multiple body parts at the same time. This makes it more attractive to my patients.”

The LIPOGEMS system painlessly extracts extraneous adipose (fat) from either a patient’s belly or from so-called “love handles.” Next, the FDA-cleared device rinses and cleans—screens, in effect—the oils and blood from the patient’s harvested fat while retaining its natural and beneficial properties.  Once the fat is cleansed, it is injected into the donor site.

One of Dr. Goradia’s patients, Richard Hansard, came to Dr. Goradia suffering from pain in his left shoulder and right knee. “I wasn’t working out at the gym anymore, and golf was not as fun,” he said.

He chose LIPOGEMS and experienced no discomfort when the fat was “harvested” nor after it was introduced to the problem joints. “I feel it is better and more safe to use my own fat. It is a simple, easy process, without pain and discomfort. I’m excited about the potential for this. I was very pleased with the overall experience. It was surprisingly easy.” says Hansard.

For information on LIPOGEMS and G2 Orthopedics visit g2orthopedics.com

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