Leading Columbus-area Orthopaedic Clinic Now Using a Patient’s Own Fat Cells to Support Repair of Damaged Tissue


Leading Columbus-area Orthopaedic Clinic Now Using a Patient’s Own Fat Cells to Support Repair of Damaged Tissue


COLUMBUS, Ga.Jan. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — One of the nation’s leading and highly respected orthopaedic surgeons is enthusiastically endorsing an innovative, FDA-cleared reparative option for patients facing the prospect of major surgery. The physician, Dr. Champ L. Baker Jr. of the Hughston Clinic of Columbus, is among a very select group of American orthopaedists now using the exciting new technology, called Lipogems.

In conjunction with the cutting-edge Lipogems protocol, a patient’s own body fat (or adipose), is first removed in a simple procedure called “harvesting.” The fat is usually taken from belly fat or the “love handles.” The processed fat is immediately reintroduced to problem areas, providing cushioning and support precisely where it’s most needed to help support the healing process the natural way.

The minimally-invasive Lipogems can also be used to complement surgery. And it allows for multiple injections to problem areas, all in a single procedure that can be performed outpatient in a doctor’s office in under an hour.

Dr. Baker, a prominent specialist in sports medicine surgery, called Lipogems an outstanding addition to orthopaedic strategies and treatment. “Lipogems may be a great option for patients who have tried physical therapy, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or steroid injections, and other treatments that have not provided enough relief.

“Your own fat is loaded with repairative cells that can assist with healing orthopaedic conditions that affect your joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles,” Dr. Baker said, adding, “they are easier to get to, and the procedure can be more comfortable for patients, especially when compared to harvesting bone marrow,” Dr. Baker said.

Following her own Lipogems procedure with Dr. Baker, Tara Okon, a physical therapist, explains “I have two bad knees…or had two bad knees. Because I’m a physical therapist, I had a patient come in that Dr. Baker was seeing and he had magnificent results from it. I saw him before and I saw him after and it was an amazing difference.” Dr. Baker is happy for Lipogems patients like Tara Okon, who is also feeling the joy: “Lipogems, has worked for me,” she said, almost giddy. “It’s been worth every penny to me.”

For information on Lipogems and Dr. Baker visit hughston.com/physicians/champ-l-baker-jr-md



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